Podcast: Sox Stove 12/18/12 – AJ Pierzynski, Jeff Keppinger, the Bullpen, and More

This week, GrabSomeBench.com’s very own recorded the site’s first podcast, “Sox Stove,” discussing everything concerning the White Sox’ offseason and their hot stove rumblings. It’s a little under an hour long, so make sure to give it a listen during your lunch break, work out, or whatever other time you get throughout your day that you can tune in!

The show is broken down as follows:

Segment 1What the White Sox have done so far this offseason

Segment 2What we expect the team to do in the near future

Segment 3Addressing all the White Sox rumors you may have heard

Segment 4Final thoughts

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Make sure to let us know what you thought of our first podcast! Comment below or Tweet at @Grab_Some_Bench with your thoughts!