GSB! Exclusive Interview with SP Hector Santiago

Recently, we had a chance to have a quick chat with emerging White Sox star, Hector Santiago.

Zach: The 2013 White Sox is a mix of very young players and others with tons of MLB experience under their belt. How does that combination add up in the clubhouse?

Hector: We all just click together. Younger guys, veterans, we all just come together to try to get the job done.

Zach: With the team's struggles this year, Robin Ventura has continued to be the quiet leader that he is. Us fans and media members don't see him getting to low despite the hardships. How has he led the team this year with all the struggles as opposed to last year, which went much better?

Hector: He just tries to do it by being positive all the time. Every day, he tells us to keep fighting.

Zach: As a ball player who has to come to the park every day no matter if the team is winning or losing, how do you keep the competitive energy up when things aren't going well as a unit?

Hector: By the love of the game. No matter what the situation is, you still get excited and happy that you've got the opportunity to play in the big leagues.

Zach: All in all, you've been a pretty consistent pitcher throughout your 2+ MLB seasons. What are the things, as a pitcher and as a person, that you're constantly working on to get better going forward?

Hector: My focus. Focusing on the zone, hitting my spots, and the goal ahead.

Zach: What's it like being a young, successful athlete living some of the prime of his life in the great city of Chicago?

Hector: It's fun! It's a nice city. A bit city. They love their professional sports teams so when you're doing well, you hear them behind you all the time.

Zach: If you had to describe the White Sox' mentality going toward the 1/2 of 2013 left to be played, what would it be?

Hector: To fight. We're a tough team, so we're not going to give in. We're going to give it our all. We all want to win.

Zach: Is there any reason you're number 53? Any rhyme or reason behind it?

Hector: I'm number 53 because they gave it to me.

Zach: Finally, we were wondering if you have a nickname you go by (or that you like to go by). Last year, we had Scott Merkin pitch to you the nickname "Screwgie," which I came up with. He said that you liked it and Hawk even referred to you by that name a time or two on air. So … Can we have the honor of making you're official nickname Screwgie?!

Hector: Screwgie is fine with me … but they usually call me "Turbo."

Zach: Who is your favorite baseball player to watch?

Hector: I really like watching Andy Pettite.

Zach: Who is your favorite baseball player of all-time?

Hector: Edgar Martinez is my favorite.

Zach: Chicago style pizza or New York style pizza?

Hector: New York style pizza all day.

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