It’s Early, but White Sox Attendance is Down Again

Last year, despite having one of the most surprising ball clubs in all of baseball, the White Sox only drew an average of 24,271 fans per home game, which was seventh worst in the MLB.

Thus far in the 2013 season, the Sox are fourth worst in the league with an average of 20,188 fans making their way to 35th & Shields for ball games at the great U.S. Cellular Field.

So, by my calculator's math, attendance is down about 17 percent so far.

Okay, I know we're still in April and there have only been ten home games played to this point. But hey, that's over 12 percent of the Sox' total home games. No, that's not a large portion, but before we know it we'll be one quarter the way through the 81 games … and then we'll be half way through 'em, and so on and so forth.

The weather has been pretty bad and there have been some day games, which can obviously take the possibility of quite a few casual fans attending out of the equation. But if the team's slow start is any indication, crowds aren't suddenly going to see a huge spike.

My point is this: if crowds continue to be as pathetic as we've seen them be in the early goings, the pattern will persist and the daily you-know-what-show of debate and commotion will continue where it left off in 2012.

This past offseason, ticket and parking prices dropped substantially, which is why I thought we'd see a number a bit closer to 28 or 29-thousand.

After last year's excitment, I really expected to see a few more fans make their way to the ballpark; even if just, say, four or five percent more.

But almost 1 in 5 fewer fans going? If that number holds true through any portion of the summer, something else is going to need to change, and change fast.

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