June 6: Athletics 5, White Sox 4

For the second night in a row, the White Sox headed for extra innings. Tonight’s contest was much different from yesterday’s in Seattle, as it didn’t go 16 innings, and the White Sox didn’t come out on top. Mark Parent comes up empty in his White Sox managerial debut.


After a hard fought win yesterday, this loss will sting, as the Sox let a 3-0 lead slip away. Unlike most nights, they stringed some hits together to score runs instead of waiting around for the home run (which the Sox seemingly cannot hit any of anymore), so it looked as if things were going well.

However, Oakland took a page out of the White Sox book, but executed it a bit better. They used the long ball to win this one by launching four solo shots into the seats, including a 10th inning bomb from Adam Rosales. Even with a win in yesterday’s contest, a loss like this one erases a lot of the positive momentum.


Jose Quintana did not have his best command tonight, but he still managed to get the Sox through almost eight innings in a great position to win this ballgame. He got a lot of pitches up in the zone, and Yoenis Cespedes took two of those out of the ballpark.

With the bullpen extremely shorthanded due to yesterday’s marathon, Quintana stepped today and gave the Sox 7.2 innings despite not having his command. He deserved to win this ballgame, but Oakland just got one more key hit than the Sox did.


For the most part, the offense looked better today. It seems as if guys are starting to settle in a bit more at the plate, aren’t trying to kill the ball with every swing, and are trying to use every part of the field more.

This is especially true with Alejandro De Aza, as for the first two months of the season, he approached at-bats like a home run hitter and tried to turn on almost everything. Over the past two games, he’s done a much better job of taking pitched the other way, including an RBI single tonight.

Also, Adam Dunn almost hit an opposite field home run in the bottom of the 10th (which I’m still not sure how it DIDN’T leave the yard).

On top of taking things the opposite way, Alex Rios drove in a run on a single to center, and Alexei Ramirez knocked in two on a base hit to the pull side. If the Sox continue to use all fields, take balls where they are pitched, and not try to do too much up there, the offense will produce more consistently.

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While the offense looked better and Quintana pitched well, a loss is a loss, and the Sox cannot afford many more of those before they are in too deep a hole. Chris Sale opposed Jarrod Parker tomorrow night at the Cell, and let’s hope our ace can give the team its first win over the A’s this season.