Vote For Chris Sale to Win The American League Final Vote

If you haven’t heard by now, White Sox starter Chris Sale was snubbed from the All-Star Game. There’s always two sides to the argument when discussing All-Star snubs, but I mean c’mon. His stats speak for themselves …

The American League is stacked  with great starting pitchers this year, so the five candidates in the final vote are all pitchers. We the fans have the opportunity to get Sale the All-Star nod he deserves.

Sale’s teammate Scott Carroll lays out all of the ways in which we can vote …

You can get to the specific web vote address by clicking here.

So, get to it Sox fans! #TargetSale may not be as epic as #PunchAJ or #PaulStar, but it’s now up to us to make it happen for our ace.

Zachary Gropper

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