Dunn Looks Great, But Will There Be a Market For Him This Summer?

We’re over a month into the season, and it’s still hard to find something negative to say about Adam Dunn‘s efforts. With his role lessened from previous years, he’s exceeded everyone’s expectations and could finally be a realistic trade chip for the White Sox this summer.

Through 25 games “The Big Donkey” is hitting .273/.409/.500 with five homers, five doubles, 12 RBI and 29 strikeouts.

He’s hitting for power just as he always does but for the first time in a White Sox uniform has been able to pair it with some consistency at the dish. While the walks and the strikeouts are always there for Dunn, he really does seem to have a solid approach up there this year and has made solid contact more often than he ever has in a good guys’ uniform, obviously resulting in the raised batting average.

So, why wouldn’t Dunn have solid value on the trade market this summer? An experienced and proven left-handed power bat that’s in a groove … what about that doesn’t sound attractive?

Well, if he doesn’t have much value in the coming months it won’t be because team’s think he’ll revert to his awful 2011 form or anything along those lines … it’ll just be due to low demand.

All teams know they need power hitters in their lineups to contend, so there’s rarely any that head into a season with a gaping hole in that department. A big hole could arise for any team in the blink of an eye with an injury, but as of right now there aren’t any clear-cut favorites to pursue Dunn’s services. But there are a few teams worth mentioning …

Oakland Athletics

I said many times over the offseason that the A’s were the team to watch as far as Dunn goes. They love high-OBP guys and Dunn absolutely fits that mold.

Right now their primary designated hitter is Alberto Callaspo, who’s off to a solid start. But he’s been around awhile and has proven to be pretty mediocre. His production will likely drop off severely in the near future.

Dunn would certainly be a big upgrade for the A’s at DH, but they already have Brandon Moss and Josh Reddick who are also unreliable against southpaws. If the front office thinks that’s something the team can overcome, they’ll certainly have their eyes on Dunn.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers are the surprise team in baseball so far, and while Dunn way not fit their club at this moment in time, he may somewhere down the line.

Right now the Brew Crew are platooning Mark Reynolds and Lyle Overbay at first. Overbay is signed to a cheap, one-year contract and Dunn would certainly pose a bigger threat against right handers than he can. The 37 year-old is hitting .255 and getting on base at a decent clip so far, but he hasn’t been good for any power. Adam would help big-time in that regard.

And keep in mind Milwaukee will need to keep winning in order for a Dunn move to make any sense.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates have been in need of a left-handed power bat to platoon at first with Gaby Sanchez for a while now. Many have thought that Dunn would make sense for the Bucs as a stop-gap guy.

The problem is Pittsburgh recently traded for former Mets standout Ike Davis, who can hold his own against righties, and are 12-19 on the year, sitting in NL Central’s cellar.

Sure, there’s plenty of time for them to get it goin’ and climb back into the race, but even if they do, they may have already dug as deep into their pockets as they planned to to find first base help.


And that’s really it. Maybe the New York Yankees? Eh, not so sure.

As previously mentioned, things can change between now and late July … but if Dunn keeps performing well, it’s hard to believe nobody will want to take a flyer on a guy that can add as much to lineup as he can, considering it’d be nothing more than a second half rental.

Zachary Gropper

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