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2013 Silver Lining: Avi Garcia Bursts Onto the Scene

If you're as bad as the 2013 Chicago White Sox and have the opportunity to acquire as many assets as Rick Hahn & co. did, you better connect on at least one guy to inspire hope for the future. And it looks like that's exactly the case with Avisail Garcia.

Since coming over from Detroit in a three-way deal that sent starter Jake Peavy to the Boston Red Sox, 'Avi' did his thing in the black and white pin stripes.

First, he made a stop with AAA Charlotte, where he went 10-for-27 (.370) with nine RBI's in eight games. Then when Alex Rios was shipped to the Texas Rangers, Garcia got the call back up to the majors after having 83 at bats for the Tigers earlier in the season.

Appearing in 42 games for the Sox, Garcia notched 161 at bats, hitting .304 while knocking around 11 extra-base hits and driving in 21 runners. Sure, his strikeout and walk totals aren't quite where you'd want them to be, but Avi is only 22 years old and should keep getting better.

With no clear future centerpiece of the offense on the major league team or anywhere to be found in the minor leagues (yet), it was an absolute necessity that Rick Hahn go out and find someone promising. And that he did.

It's really impossible to tell if Avi will for sure be a middle of the order stud for years to come, but it definitely at least looks like that's a very real possibility. There will be a lot of time for us to analyze this thought further, but for now, I don't see reasons to be anything but optimistic about him … and his overall impact.

Garcia's presence helps take a lot of pressure off of Dayan Viciedo. Although he'll only be 25 next season, 'Tank' will probably never be a team's number one run producer. But given what we've seen from him over stretches, it may not be ridiculous to believe that he could be a team's say number two or three go-to producer, if you will.

However you look at it, Avi Garcia's presence within the White Sox organization going forward is huge. He's the type of player that, as much as anyone can in the game of baseball, really makes his teammates around him better. He'll hit for power, he'll move runners over, he'll run into the outfield wall, he'll play anywhere, he'll steal bases.

He's the do-it-all guy you need when building up a major league organization, and luckily for us, he's here to stay.

Zachary Gropper

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