Notes From 9/27 Rick Hahn Press Conference

White Sox GM Rick Hahn sat down with the media around 4:00 PM EST and discussed many of the pressing questions surrounding the south siders.

Hahn has been very public in talking about this ball club over the year, commonly even going on 670 "The Score" for extended interviews with insight that us fans don't often get to hear.

Some of what he had to say on Friday afternoon were rather obvious, political answers, but nonetheless there was a lot you could take from the presser. So we put together some notes on what you need to know from Hahn's September 27th press conference.

On Manager Robin Ventura

– "Robin has faced a wide variety of situations in his first two years here"

– "He's met the challenges, both the good and the bad"

– When it comes to a manager, "results matter, but enthusiasm and getting the most out of players" is important too

– "I expect Robin back next year"

On Certain Players, Positions

– Original attention, going into 2012 was for focus to be on 2015 team, but last year's success shifted that to maximizing the potential in 2013, '14 … which eventually changed by the trade deadline

– Won't address what players and/or coaches do not fit until after the season is over, saying it would be "unprofessional to do it with three games left"

– Though Flowers' and Phegley's offensive woes were worrisome, they deserve credit for how well many of the pitchers performed, especially considering how young they (the catchers) are

– When discussing the success of the starting pitchers, Sale and Quintana were repeatedly the only guys mentioned (obviously leaving out Santiago, Danks despite some positives to their seasons)

On the (Non)Issue of Clubhouse Atmosphere

– "The win/loss record reflects the perception of the clubhouse attitude" … if the team performed better but had the same clubhouse, it would have been praised

– Clubhouse atmosphere certainly can matter, but didn't think it was anywhere near the problem for the White Sox this year

Overall 2013 Impression

– Called it a "wasted summer in Chicago" … with how big summertime and summertime baseball is in Chicago and the Cubs not having much expectations at all going into this year, the White Sox wasted an opportunity to capitalize on the city's love for exciting, meaningful baseball

– Have to create a "brand" of successful baseball and set it up to stay that way for several years

On the Upcoming Offseason

– There's a "chance" for someone from outside of the organization coming in to catch, though Flowers' and/or Phegley's chance is far from over

– Trades and free agent signings will happen because "we have to get better, and we have to get better quickly"

– But any moves must set up the team for long-term success

– "Short-term FA signings are a possibility" … don't want to rush anybody up

– A big-time acquisition is "certainly conceivable"… but will have to be a fit for several years

– "We'll handle the Konerko situation the same as the last two times he hit free agency
… will give it a few weeks before sitting down to talk with him face-to-face to see where he's at"

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