About Us

"Grab Some Bench!" is a White Sox blog that was created before the start of the 2012 MLB season with a very simple premise …

Mission Statement

When you study up on your favorite sports teams and athletes, you're normally listening to or reading what we call "expert opinions."

What gets lost in the shuffle are fan opinions and analysis. They are your Chicago White Sox, so why not read about the South Siders from a viewpoint like yours?

This blog has one main purpose: to stop overlooking certain viewpoints and opinions just because they aren't what the "experts" are saying. We'll give it to you raw, and while you may not always like what you hear, hopefully you'll sit back and think "hmm, that makes sense" after digesting what we have to say about your beloved White Sox.

We'll update you daily on my thoughts of the White Sox and everything going on in/around the club. If you had a busy day and couldn't pay attention to what happened, this is a great place for you to get caught up on the main stuff you missed.

We'll always cut right to the chase, and cover topics that you want to hear. How can we assure that? Because we're in your shoes; we're fans first and foremost, just like yourself.

Zachary Gropper

About Zachary Gropper

Zach is the Managing Editor of GrabSomeBench.com, and you can follow him on Twitter @zmgrop.