Underachieving White Sox Aiming To Turn Things Around In Second Half

The Chicago White Sox haven’t enjoyed a highly successful first half to the 2015 MLB season. After a much-needed All-Star break, they’ll hope they can band together and enjoy a significantly better run during the second half.

Having ace Chris Sale backing them certainly helps, being one of the main attractions for White Sox tickets, and Sale should start off next weekend well-rested despite enjoying his time in Tuesday’s MLB All-Star game. Before then, though, Chicago’s best player and arguably the best pitcher in all of baseball at the moment will enjoy his time in the sun. Sale has taken the league by storm in 2015, garnering eight wins and racking up a whopping 157 strikeouts, which ranks him second only to L.A.’s Clayton Kershaw for the Major League lead.

Sale will need to keep piling on the wins and strikeouts if the White Sox want to work their way out of the AL Central cellar, but with 11 games separating them and the first-place Kansas City Royals, they’re not out of the running just yet. Even if Sale and co. can’t march all the way up and trump the mighty Royals, it’s still possible a hot second half of the year could get them past the Minnesota Twins, who currently reside in second place. And if that happens, they could very easily be in the running for one of the two AL Wild Card berths.

Chicago’s plight to turn things around begins this Friday, when the 2015 season resumes. The White Sox will immediately take on the rival Royals in a tough four-game series that could play a huge hand in giving them the run they need to get back into the mix for a playoff spot. Taking down Kansas City certainly won’t be easy, as the Royals own the AL’s best record. Chicago will undoubtedly be counting on Sale for at least one win during this series, but the other three games may come down to their often paltry offense. Starting on July 17, Jose Abreu and the rest of the lineup will have to bring their ‘A’ game, as they try to match wits with Kansas City.

While this matchup isn’t the ideal clash right after the All-Star break, it’s one that has the White Sox in an advantageous spot, while also placing them in a high-profile series for tickets. After all, tickets to see Royals games, no matter the opponent or venue, have become a hot item in ’15 after their run to the World Series last season.

Game one of this series from U.S. Cellular Field features excellent value, as tickets are averaging just $42, and the get-in price is a mere $5. That’s probably the game to hit up in this series, as the price only climbs from there. Game two spikes up to $56.79 on average for tickets ($5 to get in the door), but also includes a fireworks display. The third affair is the most expensive, having an average of $74.23 ($14 get-in price), although that game also offers a World Series Ring Replica Giveaway for fans, which is one of the coolest items being handed out at the gate all year. Lastly, the series finale comes back down, having an average ticket price of $52.70 and a get-in of $5. That final contest also contains a Flag Giveaway.

As always, fans looking to avoid the hassle and nuisance of finding a parking spot can obtain parking in Chicago around the stadium from ParkWhiz.com, starting at $20. This will be a very critical series for the Pale Hose, as it is this series against the division-leading Royals that potentially may dictate how the rest of the 2015 campaign turns out.