Dunn Heating Up at the Right Time

We’ve discussed a lot in the recent days and weeks who probably is and who should be on the White Sox’ trade block. And, hint hint, we’re nowhere near done.

Although June, like May has been a mess for the Sox, there have been a few bright spots from certain individuals. Since it looks like the team is going to try to deal just about everybody they can, it looks like if Adam Dunn is ever going to start hitting the ball well, he’s chosen the right time to do so.

Okay, I know it would’ve been nice to see him start hitting with competence earlier to help the team win some games before the downward spiral had spiraled out of control, but hey, at least he’s doing it now as opposed to never.

Let’s take a look at just how much better he has been of late…

Since coming to the south side of Chicago for the 2011 season, Adam Dunn’s best months with the team came in April and May of 2012, when he hit .231 and .230, respectively, while totaling 16 home runs and 37 RBI’s with an OBP nearing .380.

Although he hit six home runs in both April and May of this season, he had a batting average in the .150’s and an OBP in the .240’s. Though the power was looking at least somewhat similar to what we saw from him in 2012, the consistency was once again way down like in 2011. But all of that changed come this June.

Through almost the whole month (78 at bats), Dunn is hitting .282 with a .406 OBP and a 1.034 OPS, all personal highs during his tenure with the White Sox.

If he can keep this going for about another 1-3 weeks, there will certainly be teams out there that are interested in bringing him aboard for the second half of the season. If they have a staff that thinks they can keep him right – being the guy who would hit .240-.260 and get on base almost 40% of the time with elite power, then they’ll certainly see him as an attractive option.

I mean, the guy’s got eight home runs and 20 RBI’s through his first 78 at bats for the month … you don’t see too many people put those numbers up at any point throughout a regular season. Teams like the Pirates, Padres, Giants, Orioles, Rays, and Athletics could arguably use him.

If the Sox are willing to pay a decent chunk of his contract for this year and next, I think he’d probably be worth a prospect or two.

Zachary Gropper

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