MLB Betting Tips

Betting on the MLB or Major League Baseball is a great way to turn your knowledge and passion of the game into big wins and more exciting game play. MLB is a great betting sport for beginners and professionals alike, making for a one-stop sport for all of your betting requirements. No matter if a seasoned bettor or brand new, there is always a place for some tips to help make the best of your betting.

Shop Your Lines

MLB is notorious for having line movement based on the betting majority. Depending on where certain fans make their bets, the lines can change quite dramatically. Finding the best odds available will change the value of your bets and stand to make a break-even strategy into a profitable one. The difference in odds may only be small, but the smallest of changes to odds in the long run can make a large impact to your overall profitability.

Pass On Favourites

Recreational betting extremely popular in the MLB, understandably, as it is in the top three most popular sports in America. Where people bet in a recreational manner, line start to skew in favour of the underdogs. Favourites can be big name teams, home teams and even teams on a large winning streak. 

As these teams start to garner the majority of bets, the odds will inevitably change with them, making the favourites often just not worth the risk of loss. Even if winning on favourites, the return on investment will be low compared to the average even money bet.

Bet Against The Public

The easiest possible way to increase the value of your bets is to bet against the public. This does not mean to bet on the underdog on every wager, but to watch movements in the lines and use these movements to your advantage. 

Once betting opens, odds will be fixed. As the betting majority or recreational bettors start flooding the favourites with bets, the odds will change more to the benefit of the underdog to encourage an even spread of money on either side of the bet. Once the odds have changed a substantial amount, taking a bet in favour of the underdogs is recommended. This will not increase the rate of winning bets but will dramatically increase the value of your bets and overall profitability.


In Baseball, as in other sports regulated in the same manner, the umpires can make a big difference to the outcome of a game. Every umpire will have slight differences in how they view the rules and teams, making each umpire have a few different tendencies to look out for. 

Some umpires will favour crowed praise, some thrive on negativity, each will have their own style and approach. Learn how the umpires react in different circumstances, like the different perceived size of strike zones. Use this information to your advantage when researching the best bets to make.


There is no one prefect betting strategy to get the big wins, every bet should be placed with knowledge after having done due diligence. If you can’t do this rather stick to playing games of chance at Black Lotus online casino. For example, betting against the public will be futile unless the underdog has at least a remote chance of winning. Betting strategies will only work for you if you have the right nature of research and make the best bets that you can in conjunction with a good strategy.