Social media has a very prominent place in sports today. Every game, match, tournament, or event, millions of fans are ranting or raving about their beloved teams or players constantly, as “online fan communities” have formed thanks to our favorite social media sites.
During the 4-game series currently ongoing agains the Tigers, the White Sox want you to show your full support on Twitter!

Yesterday, there was a competition to see whether Sox or Tigers fans would support their team more by tweeting the hashtag #BeatDET or #BeatCHI, and us Sox fans won my a slim 44 tweets! There were also prizes given away in addition to just showing your support for our beloved south siders.
Whether there’s prizes given away or not, make sure to show your support again tonight! Last night, Sox fans got #BeatDET trending worldwide! For a team that struggles getting all the attention it deserves nationally and even sometimes locally, Twitter is a great way to get attention to our exciting ball club making their playoff push!

Go Sox!

Posted by GSB! Founder and Managing Editor, Zach Gropper.