Cardio workouts are very good for those that need a high cardiovascular strength. They help increase lung capacity, add to weight loss, and burn extra calories. Right now, cardio is popular. It is very easy to find people that help you build a cardio workout routine. For instance, check out for very good cardio workouts offered by professional trainers. The problem is that you cannot simply start a cardio routine and expect great results. Because of the popularity of cardio, countless myths appeared, including the really common ones below. 

Cardio Is The Only Way To Lose Weight

Most of the fitness professionals of the past claimed this is correct and unfortunately, it is still a popular thought today. What we need to know is that research showed us the fact that losing weight is so much more than just doing some cardio. If your goal is weight loss, as if the case with many professional athletes, you have to include diet and strength training to the mix. In fact, fine-tuning your diet is so much more important than doing cardio for weight loss purposes. 

When You Do Cardio Less Than One Hour It Is Useless

The truth is that just around half an hour of good cardio workout is more than enough. This includes anything you may want to do, like cycling, stair climbing, or jumping rope. It is important to remember this because it helps deal with a serious problem. Cardio workouts need volume but this does not mean that you have to perform a routine of one hour four times per week. That one hour can easily be divided into several shorter sessions. Also, HIIT can definitely be considered for even faster cardio results. 

Cardio Is The Best Workout To Tone Muscles

This is actually a myth that is very far away from the truth. Sports scientists proved the fact that when you have more muscles, you burn nutrients faster. It simply becomes more difficult to store fat. This means that when you do cardio in order to lose fat, there is no problem. However, if you also have to improve your strength as you maximize fat loss, cardio is not actually enough. 

Your Heart Rate Needs To Go As High As You Can Take It

Many will tell you that in order to improve your cardio results, you have to make sure that the heart rate is as high as it can possibly be. In theory, this sounds great. However, in reality, it is better to increase the cardiac output of the body at a lower rate. Cardiac output practically means how many times the heart beats per each minute, times how much blood is pumped. If the heart is stronger and more efficient, it pumps more blood, even if it beats at a slower rate. 

Specialists now recommend that cardio workouts happen at a rate of around 60 to 80 percent of maximum heart rate. This is based on goals and the condition of the individual. 

Cardio Burns More Than Strength Training

This is another myth that is believed simply because this is what people thought to be correct in the past. When you design a circuit training program in an effective way, you can burn even more calories than when you undergo aerobic exercise sessions. In fact, most professional athletes rely on strength training to keep their weight in check or just burn extra calories because they emphasize the larger muscle groups, which are necessary during a game. Total body exercises performed in a proper way can burn many more calories than cardio, even if the focus is put on strength training.